30-second Elevator Speech . . .

Logical Imagination is a boutique tech firm. We craft brands, design websites, build apps, and market businesses in Central Ohio and around the world.

  • Award-winning, experienced designers and developers
  • Comfortable across a range of platforms
  • No outsourcing or contractors

We rely on repeat business and referrals as the heart of our marketing strategy, so we want happy customers.

Our business has been built one relationship at a time. It has worked for us. Let us work for you!

30-Year History



Strive to imprint everything we do as professionals with the integrity and sensibility we expect in our personal lives.

  • Do things we enjoy.
  • Do things well.
  • Do things to last.

This approach impacts Logical Imagination as an organization — but it also touches our clients, vendors, and others with whom we come in contact.



We begin by listening. We learn your vision, analyze its place in the online world, and craft a strategy for success.


Then we plan. We ensure you have solid branding because this is the root that allows our other creative efforts to grow.


Next comes work. Creativity, coding and coffee combine to execute the plan and bring your vision to life.


We test long before now. We test our ideas and initial designs. We test constantly. Critical feedback is valuable.


The launch! Exciting, but you must ensure that your project does not end with delivery. Marketing is critical for growth.


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