Project Description

Case Study: Walk Eat Mount Vernon

We were approached by a new customer who wanted to build a brand identity that represented her new downtown food tour business.

1. Brand Identity

The first step was to create the brand identity by understanding why the business exists. We began by identifying colors, fonts and a design framework that conveys that message to customers. These details became part of the style guide and served as a foundation for creating a logo for the business. In this situation, vibrant, victorian-era colors paired with a casual font profile.

2. Logo

Once we understood the business and had a color and font profile, we began to design and develop the corporate logo. Typically, we create multiple logos for a customer to consider. In this situation, the owner wanted the logo to incorporate symbolism for both walking and eating in the city of Mount Vernon.

3. Business Card

Once the logo and style guide were completed, we designed critical stationery pieces for the business, including business cards.

4. Rack Card

The customer wanted professional rack cards that could be placed at various hotels, businesses and organizations to market the walking food tours. Again, all pieces, whether print or digital, are designed under the umbrella of the style guide to be cohesive and consistent.

5. Banner

The customer wanted a large, vinyl banner that could be displayed over a tent at fairs, festivals, and other events to market the walking food tours.

6. Website

We designed a vibrant and informational website that allows clients to register for a walking tour, including the ability to purchase and redeem gift cards.

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